PTKA juhtetraadid

Crosswire / Crosswire NT

Crosswire represent your PTCA guidewire family to cross challenging and complex cases. Crosswire guidewire family is intended for use in interventional cardiology procedures.

Crosswire is designed for complex and CTO lesions featuring moderate support. Its polyurethane distal section is made with Terumo’s hydrophilic coating and a nickel-titanium alloy (Nitinol) single core.


  • Shapeable nitinol tip with great durability during long and complex procedures
  • Single-core shaft for direct torque and penetration force
  • Terumo M Coat for great crossing performance
  • The polyurethane covered distal tip prevents the risk of dissection
  • The “M Coat” hydrophilic coating is partial for Crosswire NT for better manipulation

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