Ergonomic RA650

Front protection at its best – full protection of the entire front and for the upper area of the back below the shoulder seams.

Comfortable, wide crossover straps allow the apron to be slid off easily under the surgical gown by simply opening the Velcro fasteners on the front.

With some modifications in the new product generation, the wearing comfort of this classic front apron has been improved even further.

This series meets the standards:

  • DIN EN 61331-1
  • DIN EN 61331-3
  • DIN 6857-1
  • 89/686/EWG (PSA)
  • Lead equivalent front part: Pb 0.25 mm, Pb 0.35 mm, or Pb 0.50 mm


  • One size fits all (custom made on request)

Curacao, Regatta, Ocean, Limette, Indian Summer, Orchidee

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