Finecross MG

Designed to boost success of complex procedures
Finecross MG microcatheter combines excellent crossability and optimal guidewire support to treat very challenging cases involving tortuous vessels, chronic total occlusions (CTO), bifurcations, and highly stenosed and calcified lesions.


  • Superior crossability (1)
  • Hydrophilic coating and flexible distal segment enables advancement and access through tortuous distal vessels
  • Tapered inner and outer diameters ranging from 2.6 Fr to 1.8 Fr throughout for great lesion crossability

Optimal guidewire support

  • Fully stainless-steel braided shaft provides strength responsiveness, reinforcing lumen integrity and improving pushability
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) inner layer allows smooth guidewire handling with less resistance and facilitates exchange wire during complex procedures.


(1) Muramatsu et al., Current technical and clinical features of the antegrade and retrograde approaches to percutaneous transluminal coronary intervention for chronic total occlusion, The Egyptian Heart Journal, 2014; 66:1-10.

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