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Heartrail II

Optimize your challenging procedure

Heartrail II is developed to maximize your back-up force when using right and left Ikari curves during transradial interventions and through its innovative 5-in-6 system.


​Benefit fully from using dedicated curves for radial access

  • Right and left Ikari curves are developed to maximize your back-up force during TRI via the right radial artery
  • Tiger curves are designed to be used for both right and left coronary arteries

Feel the difference with the innovative 5-in-6 system
By inserting a 5 Fr (120 cm with flexible distal portion) into a 6 Fr guiding catheter:

  • Provides the back-up support of a 7 Fr guiding catheter with a 6 Fr system
  • Minimizes puncture injuries
  • Increases your back-up support for an excellent PTCA balloons crossing success rate1

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