Hüdrogeeliga koilid


HydroFrame® Advanced Embolic Coils: Highly Versatile

Optimized for Framing, Concentric Filling and Finishing

  • Engineered for enhanced softness and conformability in complex morphologies1
  • Soft complex shape with variable diameter loops
  • Utilizes the V-Trak® Advanced delivery system for excellent softness and control 2


  • Designed to deliver soft, stable loops of hydrogel at the aneurysm neck
  • Hydrogel provides a stable, bio-inert scaffolding to facilitate neointima formation across the neck

Ease of Use

  • Delivery characteristics similar to a bare platinum coil
  • No prepping or steaming
  • 30 minute working time
  • Compatible with 0.0165″ to 0.021″ inner diameter microcatheters

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