Medilog Darwin2

Analysis of 24-hour Holter recordings
DARWIN2 is designed to maximise speed and ease of use.The automatic analysis of a 24-hour Holter recording takes less than 90 seconds, with extremely accurate results. Data review is faster than ever: it takes only three mouse clicks to generate a comprehensive report.

It is available in three different versions to suit the needs of any
organisation and to grow with it:

  • DARWIN2 Office: optimised for routine application in physicians’ offices
  • DARWIN2 Professional: perfect for a small to mid-sized Holter scanning centre with the need for fast atrial fibrillation detection
  • DARWIN2 Enterprise: for the most demanding research centres and high-volume hospitals. Includes atrial fibrillation, apnoea detection, SpO2 and an option for scanlab web-service

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