Misago® is a peripheral self-expanding stent system consisting of a rapid exchange delivery catheter and a pre-mounted stent made of nitinol.

Misago® is intended to be used for the treatment of stenotic or occlusive lesions in iliac or femoro-popliteal arteries to establish and to maintain patency.

Dedicated diameter specific, “spineless” stent design:

  • Provides optimal flexibility and durability for best long term patency results
  • 8 cells for Ø 6-8 mm, 9 cells for Ø 9-10 mm for adequate radial force
  • Spineless Nitinol stent design demonstrates superior dynamic behaviour and improved durability

Tri-axial RX-shaft design – Static proximal shaft during stent delivery:

  • Only distal shaft segment is moving back to allow a precise and swift stent deployment

Unique 0.035” RX design:

  • Rapid-exchange offers a faster and more convenient exchange of devices, saves radiation dose and enables the use of short guide wires
  • System properly tracks over 0.018” and 0.014” guide wires as well

Small ergonomic handle:

  • For convenient single hand deployment

Radiopaque gold-marker at each stent edge:

  • For full deployment control and post-procedural visibility ​

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