Your first choice in peripheral support catheters

Navicross® is a support catheter for peripheral indications, accepting guide wire diameters up to 0.035” / 0.89 mm.

Navicross® is intended to guide and support a guide wire during access of the vasculature except within the cerebral vasculature and the coronary arteries to allow wire exchanges and provide a conduit for the delivery of physiological heparinized saline solution or radiopaque media.

Stainless Steel Double Braided Shaft:

  • Provides excellent steerability and efficient push transition in complex lesions;
  • Enhances torqueability and prevents kinking.

Minimal Crossing Profile and Tapered Tip:

  • Guarantees a seamless transition between guide wire and catheter facilitating successful lesion access and crossing;
  • Angulated tip can be used for selecting the true lumen and navigating through bifurcated vessels.

Unique Three Radiopaque Shaft-Markers:

  • Feasibility of accurate intraluminal measurement (e.g. assessment of treatment dimensions/positions of balloons and stents), because embedded shaft markers are positioned 1 mm from distal tip – 40 mm and 60 mm from precedent marker band.

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