Life is in the detail
The Roadsaver Carotid Artery Stent System is indicated for use in patients with carotid arterial atherosclerotic disease.

An innovative design(1)
Lesion specific scaffolding(2)

Exhibits flexibility of an open cell stent while outperforming the benefits of a closed cell stent.(3)

  • Nickel titanium (Nitinol) double layer micromesh design
  • Provides excellent wall apposition(4)
  • Superior in-vessel flexibility(3)
  • Allows for side branch patency(5)
  • Conforms to tortuous anatomies(4)
  • In-Vivo tapering of braided Nitinol design conforms to tapered ICA-CCA segments(5)

An evident objective
4 good reasons for choosing the Terumo Roadsaver

  • 10-15% of all ischaemic strokes originate from a stenosis at the level of the internal carotid artery.(6)
  • Majority of the strokes occur post procedure (+/- 67%)(7)
  • 66% of strokes occur after removal of the cerebral protection device because of plaque prolapse through stent struts.(8)
  • Double mesh scaffolding avoids protrusion of plaque through the struts(4)

Specific features
Fully re-sheathable and repositionable even after 50% of the stent’s length has been deployed(9)

  • 5 Fr rapid exchange delivery system
  • Low-profile enhances the crossability
  • Ideal for primary stenting
  • Smallest stent cell size (~ 375-500 μm)(5)

Sustained embolic protection
From the time of Roadsaver stent implantation, the patient will be protected against ipsilateral distal embolization(3)

  • Designed to prevent plaque protrusion and emboli release after stent implantation(3)
  • Double-layer micromesh designed to contain plaque to the vessel wall(3)

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