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Runthrough NS

Runthrough® NS is a PTCA guide wire intended to be used in PCI as guide for devices such as stents or PTCA balloon catheters.

Runthrough® NS is an innovative guide wire designed with Duo Core- technology, hydrophilic coating and elastic Nickel -Titanium alloy (NiTi) as distal core. Runthrough® PTCA product family consists of a full range of guide wires indicated to treat workhorse or challenging lesions.


  • Elastic Nickel -Titanium alloy distal core offers kink resistance and durability
  • High strength stainless steel shaft designed to offer enhanced steerability and trackability
  • Direct jointed (DuoCore™ technology) innovative technology enables connection with two different metals’ characteristics, provides improved torque response.
  • Durable Terumo M Coat™ hydrophilic coating enables smooth manipulation ​

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