SunTech Vet20

Combining our expertise and experience in creating market-leading blood pressure solutions, we designed this automated BP monitor with an animal-specific algorithm so you can take reliable, accurate measurements on awake or sedated companion animals with no shaving or gel.

Replacing the standard doppler device, the SunTech Vet20 takes less than one minute to obtain results and requires no gel or shaving. Developed in conjunction with experts from leading veterinarian schools, the user-friendly touch screen makes this device simple to use and requires little to no training. In an effort to manage nervous animals, this monitor that is extremely quiet, with the option to turn off alarms and audible indicators.

SunTech Medical’s Vet20 is light, portable and battery operated with an automatic battery-saving capability which powers down the device after a specific time of inactivity. It can also be powered by A/C adapter and is small enough to carry between exam rooms, making it convenient for both patients and providers.

Supported by clinical evidence and testing, the SunTech Vet20 BP monitor provides highly accurate BP measurements on awake companion animals with fewer failed measurements.


  • Reliability: As a result of SunTech’s motion-tolerant technology, the SunTech Vet20 produces more successful BP readings than other devices.
  • Simplicity of Use: Intuitive, touch screen interface has all necessary features for reviewing and analyzing BP data and requires little to no staff training.
  • Accuracy: BP Algorithm was specifically developed for companion animals by experts at a leading vet school.
  • Silence: Device quietly measures BP and alarms may be silenced to avoid frightening the animal.
  • Speed: Measurements are done faster than competition. Doppler takes 10 minutes!
  • Portability: Battery-powered device can be easily moved between exam rooms.

Clinical Evidence

SunTech’s veterinary products are not human devices re-packaged. We used data from companion animals to develop our SunTech Vet BP technology. In fact, our SunTech Vet BP technology has recently passed the ACVIM blood pressure protocol on anesthetized dogs and here’s a link to the journal article in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

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