Improve Whole Blood Collections
Because each unit of whole blood can help multiple patients, it is essential that the process and products used to collect blood respect the inherent value of every donation. The T-RAC II can help.

The T-RAC II is an electronic system designed to standardize whole blood collections and improve the traceability of blood products. Innovative technology helps make the T-RAC II highly flexible, to better meet the specific needs of individual blood centers. Whether used in centers or on mobile drives, the device is easy to configure. Thoughtful features such as a large, color touch screen, data management and remote control make the T-RAC II easy to operate.

The T-RAC II can:

  • Help produce standardized, high-quality blood products with a traceable process
  • Reduce manual tracking steps
  • Simplify donor identification with bi-directional data transfer
  • Save space with a slim, ergonomic design
  • Enhance donor safety with a multi-step self check prior to each collection
  • Reduce transcription errors, with universal electronic barcode scanner
  • Help reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

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