Tsunami Peripheral

Tsunami Peripheral consists of a balloon-expandable stent pre-mounted on a balloon at the distal tip of a rapid exchange type delivery catheter.

Tsunami Peripheral is intended to be used for the treatment of stenotic lesions in various arteries excluding coronary, cervical and cerebral vessel, to improve the blood flow.

Laser slotted stainless steel tube design (strut thickness = 180 mikron):

  • for high flexibility in crimped state and appropriate radial force

Diameter specific stent design with 12 diamond-shaped cells (Ø 5 – 6mm) and 14 diamond- shaped cells (Ø 7mm):

  • for minimal shortening and precise placement
  • for homogenous metal to artery ration

Lateral shifted connections between diamond-shaped cells rows:

  • for high flexibility during stent delivery

High performance Rapid Exchange (RX) PTA balloon with helical cut hypotube shaft:

  • for smooth transition from hypotube to RX segment to maximize the push transfer from the shaft to the balloon tip

Small opening angle of the balloon cones and long tip:

  • for gradual flexibility hence ease of stent placement in angulated anatomies
  • to avoid stent dislodgement

Short 15 cm long RX segment:

  • for strong pushability

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