Interventsionaalne radioloogia

URO-MAX Urological Imaging Table

Our URO-MAX C-arm imaging tables offer an excellent solution for real-time urological X-ray procedures. The cantilevered, carbon fiber, radiolucent top areas allow full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-arm positioning. The URO-Max is highly versatile with many movement options and accessories, and the carbon fiber leg extension accessory can quickly turn your Urology table into a procedure table for pain management and other C-arm guided procedures.Standard URO-MAX features include:

  • Carbon fiber with integral facial cutout section
  • Remove and install leg extension while fluid catcher is in place
  • Leg extension easy to remove and very light weight
  • Diving board style for easy C-arm access
  • Large patient capacity (500-lb pound load, and weight tested to 4X the patient load rating)
  • A 2” patient high quality comfort pad
  • Light weight – easy to physically move the table
  • Our 24” wide top eliminates the needs for arm boards
  • Easy patient transfer to table
  • Low height for patient boarding
  • Protective bellows between the base and top
  • Any OR accessory can be rigidly attached to the table top

The URO-MAX comes in six different models, each with different movements.

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