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Control takes a new shape
AZUR® CX Peripheral Coil System Introduces a new and unique concept: the first and only peripheral HydroCoil® with cross-sectional coverage and the benefits of patented hydrogel technology.

By matching PROGREAT double marker with AZUR detachable coils, TERUMO Peripheral Coiling Solution offers to the interventional radiologists the precision of neuroradiology procedures in the peripheral vessels.

Complex shape for cross-sectional coverage

  • Loops engineered to reverse direction at regular intervals along coil length
  • Variable loop diameters to create a stable anchor
  • First coil to act as a stopper for control in high-flow areas

Soft, flexible design

  • Coil with patented hydrogel technology on the inside provides a soft feel
  • Able to use directly out of the package
  • Allows for 30 minutes of repositioning time
  • Unique coil construction allows Patented Hydrogel Technology to expand inwards between the gaps, creating a soft, flexible structure

Ease of deployment

  • AZUR Detachment System allows for precise positioning and placement
  • Coil design minimizes need for unnecessary catheter manipulation
  • Two radio-opaque markers allow more precise and safer deployment

Patented hydrogel technology

  • Porous surface provides a biologically inert scaffolding for natural tissue proliferation
  • Promotes mechanical occlusion with less reliance on thrombus for embolization

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