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AZUR Peripheral Hydrocoil

AZUR® peripheral HydroCoil® embolization system combines a platinum coil and an expandable hydrogel polymer.

The hydrogel coating expands in the direction of less resistance to fill space when introduced into the bloodstream.

Expanding Hydrogel technology that delivers:

  • Permanent mechanical occlusion with less reliance on thrombus formation
  • Improved volume filling, packing density, and occlusion efficacy
  • Mechanical stability
  • Increased delivery control and long-term durability

AZUR® detachable system:

  • First detachable system dedicated to peripheral use
  • Can be retracted and repositioned , reducing the risk of migration
  • Detached in less than one second at the push of a button

AZUR® pushable system has been designed to be pushed by a wire without the need of a dedicated coil pusher.

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