Bariatric Surgery X-Ray Imaging Table

Designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques, and setting the standard for operating efficiency, ergonomics and safety, the Bariatric series of surgical tables provides a flexible solution for the medical and budgetary concerns of all surgical environments.With a 1000-lb patient weight capacity, this table is the only diving board style table on the market to support this weight capacity.The “H” style base allows maximum C-Arm clearance along the entire cantilevered length, and the table can support up to 5 movements, depending upon the model purchased.Our Bariatric X-Ray Imaging table features include:

  • Carbon fiber, diving board style for easy C-arm access.
  • Large patient capacity – high-end actuator motor supports 1,000-pound loads.
  • An 84″ length can accommodate even the tallest of patients.
  • A 27″ top eliminates the need for arm boards.
  • Two-inch thick, high quality patient comfort pad.
  • Light weight – easy to physically move the table within the room or from room to room.
  • Simple to use, high quality wheel locks.
  • Extreme low position makes boarding patients fast, easy and safe.
  • Hand or foot control available.
  • Designed for easy C-arm access.

The Only Cantilevered 1,000 lb, Bariatric Surgery X-ray Imaging Table on the Market Today. The Bariatric Series offers the highest patient weight load in a cantilevered design. This allows the unobstructed C-arm access you are used to with standard diving board style imaging tables. We do this at a fraction of the cost of our competitors who only offer a center post lifting system that interferes with the most important anatomical areas of bariatric patients.

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