Renaalne denervatsioonisüsteem


Turning innovation into quality care
Radial access, the smart way to reach the target nerves, for the benefit of patients and physicians.

Safer, more sophisticated interventional procedure:

  • By accessing via the radial artery, reaching the target renal arteries has become less complicated.
  • By providing a highly flexible catheter, a safer and more sophisticated interventional procedure has evolved.
  • As the procedure for accessing the renal arteries has become less-invasive, patients can be discharged from the hospital earlier.
  • This innovative procedure places less burden on patients as well as physicians.

Safe and precise energy delivery:

  • Integration of electrodes in one catheter section has helped in achieving a very safe energy delivery.
  • The unique single point of contact energy delivery minimizes energy spread and allows physicians to target known areas of high nerve concentration.

Easy approach to the target artery:

  • Use of a proprietary nickel-titanium shaft makes radial access possible allowing easy delivery of the catheter to the renal arteries.​

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