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Make it Simple, Act Safer
The MicroThermX microwave ablation system consists of a generator and pump attached to a mobile cart or tabletop stand and SynchroWave antennas with cooling circuit.

The MicroThermX microwave ablation system delivers microwave energy for coagulation (ablation) of soft tissue. The SynchroWave antennas may be used in open surgical as well as percutaneous ablation procedures. The synchronous wave alignment technology allows non-parallel placement and avoid skipping when using multiple antennas.

MicroThermX Generator:

  • MicroThermX wheeled cart or T2 tabletop version available
  • Synchronous Wave Alignment technology
  • One small generator; up to three simultaneous antenna capability
  • Intuitive, easy touch screen interface
  • Set up time less than 2 minutes
  • Wavelength at 915 MHz with Synchronous Wave Alignment for deep penetration into tissue – Margins Matter!
  • Compact size, lightweight

SynchroWave Antenna:

  • Sharp trocar tip
  • Tip easily seen under ultrasound and CT
  • Scalable ablation zones of necrosis for small and large ablations
  • Temperature sensor detects shaft overheating, helps prevent skin burns
  • 14 gauge (2.13 mm)
  • Metallic shaft and tip for strength and torquability
  • Non-parallel placement for procedural flexibility
  • Internal cooling helps prevent shaft from overheating and skin burns
  • Lightweight, flexible cord, 9 ft. (2.7 m)​

Make it Simple

  • Easy to set up
  • Small and light generator able to plug up to 3 antennas
  • Allows flexibility in antenna placement
  • Limited risk of skin burn

Be More Powerful

  • Microwave allows faster treatments than Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Bigger necrosis volume than RFA

Act Safer(4)

  • Better than RFA because it is not affected by heat sink effect (p<0.0001)
  • More predictable and reproducible area of necrosis than 2.4 GHz microwave (p=0.002)
  • More consistent area of necrosis- synchronous technology
  • Inferior recurrence rate than RFA


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