Radifocus Guidewire M Stiff type

Radifocus Guidewire M Stiff type is a stiff Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire covered with polyurethane containing tungsten and an hydrophilic polymer coating (M Coat) for an improved torque control and shape memory as well as higher stiffness and resistance.(1)

Indicated for use for standard angiography in Coronary and Peripheral territories, catheterization, embolization, peripheral angioplasty and stenting (with or without exchange wire), in tight, stenotic, tortuous and narrow vessels.

(1) Compared to Radifocus Guidewire M Standard


  • Reinforced Superelastic Nitinol core: to improve (1) torque control and stiffness, with excellent shape memory and great flexibility for controlled navigation, kink resistance and swift device exchange
  • Radiopaque polyurethane jacket for good fluoroscopic visibility and controlled navigation
  • Highly flexible tapered tip for an atraumatic and controlled navigation through the vasculature
  • Hydrophilic “M” polymer coating: for frictionless endovascular steerability and trackability
  • One-piece construction with one-to-one torque transmission for predictable navigation
  • Rounded atraumatic tip for the prevention of vessel trauma and frictionless guidewire insertion

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