Radifocus Introducer II Radiopaque Marker Kit

Introducers are intended to be inserted percutaneously into a vessel to facilitate the entire interventional procedure.

Platinum/Iridium band incorporated in the introducer sheath shows precise location of the distal tip for most accurate positioning.


  • Platinum/Iridium band incorporated in the distal tip of the sheath for precise positioning
  • Smooth surface over the radiopaque marker reduces friction
  • Unique Terumo cross-cut valve maintains uncompromised haemostasis to avoid bleeding and air aspiration
  • Smooth sheath-to-dilator transition and optimally tapered dilator enable to reduce penetration resistance
  • Extremely thin radiopaque wall with anti-kinking sleeve for excellent catheter handling
  • Snap-on dilator to prevent dilator back-out during insertion and to allow one hand unlocking

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