Dental Apron with Collar RD644

MAVIG dental apron for images of a sitting patient.

Our new dental apron comes with a specially designed collar for a comfortable fit
combined with optimized protection of the thyroid and a quick and easy closure thanks
to a Velcro fastener at the neck.

The generous cut of this dental apron – for images when sitting – protects the whole
shoulder area and two added loops on the back can be attached to a dental chair.
Extra features are the universal size and that it is easy to be put on and take off.

Inner Material: Multi-Layer Lead Rubber

Our natural lead rubber – without any artificial plasticisers – has kept us in the lead
as manufacturers of X-ray protective clothing for many years, with excellent marks
for weight distribution and radiation protection.

Outer Cover: ComforTex® HPMF – Single and Dual Colour Design

Our ComforTex® HPMF, a high performance medical fabric according to DIN EN 13795,
provides a far greater protection of the radiation protective inlay then ever before.
Its improved barrier function complies with the very demanding hygienic standards
in today’s work environment. Due to the fact that the apron is reversible, it is available
in all seven MAVIG colours as well as in two different dual colour designs,
Curacao + Orchidee or Limette + Ocean.

Stahlgruberring 5 81829 München, Saksamaa