Professionaalseks kasutamiseks

HeartSave 6S

Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine.
Reliable: always, everywhere.

When every mi­nu­te counts, PRI­ME­DIC de­fi­bril­la­tors can help hearts stop mis­sing ano­ther beat. Ever­yw­he­re. What mat­ters is that they can be used quick­ly. Every time.

The professional for professionals

From the 6-lead ECG to SpO2 mo­ni­to­ring, the HeartS­a­ve 6 se­ries of­fers ever­y­thing you need for emer­gen­cy mo­ni­to­ring.

Manual operation / Synchronous defibrillation

Once swit­ched on, the HeartS­a­ve 6/6S is in au­to­ma­tic mode. If ne­cessa­ry, the user can switch the de­vice to ma­nu­al mode at the touch of a but­ton. If a QRS com­plex is de­tec­ted in ma­nu­al mode, syn­chro­nous mar­kers are au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly as­si­gned to the R wave and car­dio­ver­si­on is enab­led. In ma­nu­al mode, it is pos­si­ble to select one of the fol­lo­wing power le­vels: 50 J, 100 J, 200 J, 300 J and 360 J.


The 3-co­re ECG pa­ti­ent cable in­clu­ded in de­li­very makes af­for­da­ble pa­ti­ent mo­ni­to­ring pos­si­ble. Sim­ple plug­ging and un­plug­ging de­li­vers a high de­gree of fle­xi­bi­li­ty.


  • Voice prompts in 4 lan­gua­ges
  • Fre­e­ly selec­ta­ble lan­gua­ge packs
  • PRI­ME­DIC Aku­Pak (li­thi­um-ion) or 6-ye­ar li­thi­um bat­te­ry
  • Ex­ten­si­ve alarm func­tions
  • Com­pact flash card, ECG view­er

Rheinwaldstraße 22, 78628 Rottweil, Saksamaa