Professionaalseks kasutamiseks

XD100/XD100 xe

Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine.
Reliable: always, everywhere.

When every mi­nu­te counts, PRI­ME­DIC de­fi­bril­la­tors can help hearts stop mis­sing ano­ther beat. Ever­yw­he­re. What mat­ters is that they can be used quick­ly. Every time.

The complex high-performance device with multi-functional features

As a ma­nu­fac­tu­rer of in­no­va­ti­ve pro­duct ran­ges for emer­gen­cy me­di­ci­ne, we unite ex­pert ex­pe­ri­ence from hos­pi­tals and emer­gen­cy ser­vices world­wi­de. This amas­sed know-how is then con­sis­tent­ly used to op­ti­mi­se our de­vices. The De­fi­Mo­ni­tor XD com­bi­nes a de­vice de­sign that is com­pact, pro­ved and trusted in prac­tice with the hig­hest pos­si­ble de­gree of safe­ty and sim­ple hand­ling.

Qua­li­ty cri­te­ria such as the de­vice’s ex­tre­me­ly ro­bust hou­sing with form-in­lets, low weight, com­pre­hen­si­ve soft­ware func­tions and use­ful ac­cess­ories have been im­pres­sing pro­fes­sio­nal users in emer­gen­cy me­di­ci­ne for de­ca­des. Even in ex­tre­me si­tua­ti­ons, tar­ge­ted hand­ling is en­su­red. The De­fi­Mo­ni­tor XD also has spe­cial moun­ting and char­ging sys­tems that can be used to po­si­ti­on the de­vice anyw­he­re to meet in­di­vi­du­al re­qui­re­ments.

Optional device configurations

  • Our XD pro­ducts can also be equip­ped with op­tio­nal con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons so that pa­ti­ents can be mo­ni­to­red even more clo­se­ly:
  • Nell­cor SpO2 pulse oxi­me­ter
  • Transt­ho­r­a­cic, ex­ter­nal pa­ce­maker
  • xe ver­si­on star­ting at 2 Joule
  • Au­to­ma­tic VF de­tec­tion
  • Au­to­mo­de